Tips to Solve Vaper’s Tongue

  • by parminder singh
Tips to Solve Vaper’s Tongue

The human body is vulnerable to adaptation and sometimes this leads to a problematic situation. Concerning vaping, many times after constant vaping frequently, your tongue starts to get shielded from the taste and flavors of the vape juice and you no longer relish the exotic tangs you invested in. The situation is called a vaper’s tongue and is really annoying as you no longer enjoy vaping.

This issue is not a severe disease but just an outcome of various reasons. Simple steps and tips can replenish your taste buds back to normal. Here are some steps you might consider to try to cure or prevent the vaper’s tongue also known as vaper’s fatigue:

Change the Flavor

Don't stick to one flavor of vaping as it may cause fatigue to your taste buds causing the vaper’s tongue. Keep experimenting not just with flavors but base tastes too. If you are vaping sweet flavors for a long then try menthol or citrus flavors now. Mixing of flavors can help you too to cure and prevent that eerie tongue. Wholesale Elux Bar Disposable pods supplier canprovide you with a wide range of flavors to change.

Try Palette Cleansers

Palette cleansers can rescue you from your tasteless tongue as their main function is to cleanse the tongue from residue flavors inhibiting your taste buds' natural potential. Foods like pickles, apples, bread, grapefruit, unflavored crackers, ginger, etc. come in that category.

Stay Hydrated

Reduced water levels in your body can be the kicking reason for your vaper’s tongue. To cure the disease you must drink enough water and prevent a dry mouth by eating more fruits and veggies. You might also consider your vaping sessions to let your body come to balanced terms with hydration.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene must be on point if you wish to prevent vaper’s tongue. Brushing twice a day, mouthwash after each meal, tongue cleaning, etc. These are some important oral hygiene measures that one must follow in routine and for vapers’ it is a medicine for vaper's tongue.

Change Vape

Sometimes it is the vape that you are using behind your vaper’s tongue. Keep track of whether your e-juice is expired or the vape has been damaged somewhere that you are not feeling the flavor. Restricted airflow, rusted coils, and poor wattage can also cause the vape to show no flavors on your tongue. So next time you feel the vaper’s tongue then check whether your vaporizer is ok or not.

We hope that these tips will help you prevent vapers tongue in the future so that you can fully enjoy your vape.


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